Make a Pledge

If the cause or project that you want to support is not yet on Donate PR, you can make a pledge. This will incentivize them to create an Donate PR for their activities and offer you much more visibility on how your money is spent to advance their cause.

Once they create it (and verify that they own the URL you’ll enter in this form), you will receive an email to ask you to fulfill your pledge.

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What is a pledge?A pledge allows supporters (companies and individuals) to pledge funds towards a project that hasn’t been created yet. If you can’t find a project you want to support, pledge to it!
What happens after I pledge?Once someone makes a pledge to a project, we automatically create a pledged project. We don’t spam folks, so please help us reach out to the community via twitter / facebook or, if you can, via email.
When do I pay?Once that pledged project is claimed, we will email you to fulfill your pledge.
How do I claim a pledged project?You’ll need to contact [email protected] to proove that you are an admin of this project.