Fiscal sponsorship has never been easier.

Donate PR is purpose-built to streamline your process.

Reduce overhead

Fiscal sponsorship enables powerful possibilities, but it can be a pain to manage. How do you keep track of the budgets for all the projects under your umbrella? How about processing expense claims and payouts? It's easy to get overwhelmed by complex spreadsheets and countless email threads.

Fiscal sponsorship management

Increase capacity

Donate PR automates back-office processes, so you can spend less time doing admin. This enables fiscal sponsors to better serve their current projects, and potentially welcome new ones. If you decide to charge a fiscal sponsorship fee, you set a percentage and it accrues automatically.

Legally support communities

A better experience

Donate PR makes it possible to offer services that aren't feasible manually. Reporting is automatic, in real-time, meaning funders and projects participants can see their updated budget at any time. Combine grant funding, sponsorship, crowdfunding, and fundraiser event income, with no extra overhead. Detailed recordkeeping for your accountant is a breeze.

Fiscal sponsorship management Legally support communities

Keep track of all the budgets

  • Each project becomes its own Project, with its own funding page.
  • Create as many Projects as you need, at no extra cost, instantly with a click.
  • As fiscal sponsor, you can allocate money to Projects any time.
  • Projects have fully transparent budgets, updated in real-time.
  • Financial reporting becomes automatic and accessible, no spreadsheets required.
Projects page screenshot

Easy expense management

  • Expenses, with invoices or receipts, can be submitted directly to the relevant Project by anyone.
  • You set global expense policies, and individual Projects can add their own as well.
  • Admin dashboard alows you to easily view, approve, and pay expenses for all your Projects in one place.
  • Connect your entity's Paypal account to enable payments to be processed and sent with a single click.
  • Clear approval flow: first project admins approve an expense, then you can check it and pay out.
Expenses page screenshot

Combine funding sources

  • Crowdfunding functionality is built-in, so Projects can seek wide support.
  • Event ticketing feature makes it easy to add proceeds from fundraising events.
  • Easily add multiple grants from different sources, coordinate match funding, and accept sponsorships.
  • All funding sources are combined into a single transparent budget, with automatic documentation.
Manage Funds page screenshot

In-depth reports

In addition to being able to zoom into any Project budget at any time, you'll receive a consolidated report every month with all transactions accross all your Projects, and a single PDF with all invoices and receipts. Your accountant will thank you!

Join the movement.

Donate PR helps make the value of fiscal sponsorship even more clear. Grantees and project participants will love the simplicity and accessibility, and you’ll love how much your overhead is reduced.