Legally support communities that don't have a legal entity.

International or local communities often don't have a legal entity. Donate PR enables you to financially support those communities by working with fiscal sponsors who can provide your company with an invoice.

Legally support communities


You’ll always know what your contributions are being used for, in real time.

Get an invoice
Get an invoice for your donations.

Supporting communities can be an accounting nightmare. Most of them don’t have a legal entity and therefore they cannot give you an invoice for your donation. Donate PR solves that by hosting projects that fall in the same category on one single legal entity.

Consolidated invoices.

Get once a month a consolidated invoice for all your donations to all projects that are hosted on the same legal entity. Your accounting department will thank you for that!

Get an invoice
Purchasing orders

Your company has a special process for managing vendors? No problem. We have you covered. We do it at a host (fiscal sponsor) level, because it doesn’t make sense to go through such a heavy process for every single community (project).

Purshasing orders

Keeping track of your donations to dozens if not hundreds of projects is hard. With Donate PR you receive a monthly report that aggregates all your participations in one place.

More features for sponsors
Pre-paid cards

Bulk payments

When using a credit card is not convenient, send a bulk payment to your host and create a pre-paid card for your organization that you can use to make donations at will.