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Creator Academy is restoring the former children's museum and original town hall, located at 150 Calle del Cristo next to El Convento.

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We are restoring the former children's museum and original town hall, located at 150 Calle del Cristo next to El Convento. The Creator Academy is Upcycling and Re-Purposing Materials to Create an Interactive and Immersive Experience in the original town hall of Puerto Rico.

Supporting Educational Programs
Creator Academy is a Puerto Rico nonprofit on a ​mission to empower individuals with tools and training to build a more sustainable future. ​ 

We believe educational facilities with makerspaces should not only be ​accessible​ but affordable​ to anyone that wants to learn new skills. So we set out to create an income producing asset that could help support educational programs and facilities in Puerto Rico. 

We were given the opportunity to take over what was the original town hall of San Juan, to put it back into use in service of the community. Working in collaboration with local artists, we’ve been restoring this iconic building and are preparing for the grand opening of Imaginación. 

Showcasing a range of technologies, and art made from upcycled materials, Imaginación will offer a journey through the Past, Present and potential Future of Puerto Rico. 

With recent events, ​now​ more than ever, it’s important for education to thrive. For the Creator Academy to have a lasting impact on communities throughout Puerto Rico, we need your support. 

Whether that means making a charitable donation, getting involved in the project or simply sharing our message with your network... with your help, we can empower communities to build a brighter future in Puerto Rico. 

We are a Puerto Rico nonprofit making an impact. Your support makes all the difference.