Reimagining Interactive Learning - with Evan Arteaga

Published on December 22, 2020 by Brian Christensen

In this non profit spotlight episode learn how Evan with Creator Academy is introducing unique interactive art and learning opportunities for youth in Puerto Rico. Their immersive art museum, Imaginación, in Old San Juan is set to revive the previous children's museum for the local community. Listen as Evan goes over his vision, how their plan has evolved and for ways on how to get involved. 

Watch along to get a sneak peak tour of the updates and the art installation in progress. They are reinventing creative ways to learn through immersive experiences.

0:00 - How Evan found his way to Puerto Rico 
2:03 - How Imaginación Museum and the Non profit came to be 
3:57 - Their vision and partnerships/collaborations 
5:37 - What is interactive art? 
8:25 - If Evan gave a Ted talk: Making Arts & Entertainment educational and fun 
9:57 - Time traveling Taino Scientist, next phases of the museum 
12:01 - Featured artists and volunteers in the museum 
16:02 - What is your Why? Passion, and Community impact 
17:40 - Future special community projects 
18:40 - How to support and get involved in their mission Are you feeling compelled to get involved in this worthy cause; volunteer or donate: 

Get in touch with them on their instagram: @imaginacionsanjuan 
Or email Evan direct at: [email protected] 
or to donate to Creator Academy: 
Learn more at
Note: They are a Puerto Rico 1101.01(a)2 Nonprofit organization and 501.C3 to accept Act 22/60 donations. 

Video host: Brian Bourgerie + Drew Cutkomp 

Filmed on location at Imaginación Interactive Art Museum in Old San Juan, PR 

** Video recording and media production by: Record Space Productions 

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