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Not-for-profit providing access to the most advanced infrastructure and network to facilitate adoption of smart technology solutions on the Island.

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Just some of the projects the PR5G Zone + Blockchain Ignition Lab are currently working on:

REACH‘The Research Empowered Advanced Communication Hub’ proposal was submitted to NSF in late September. This proposal frames Puerto Rico as the ideal national location for research, validation and pilot testing f...
Published on January 12, 2023 by Gail Nolan


Let’s get the ball rolling! This is where things get planned and sometimes this is where things get done. Ask questions, thank people for their efforts, and contribute your skills to the service of the community.

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The most advanced ZTA research laboratory in the Caribbean dedicated to providing a low-cost development, testing and validation environment for advanced communication technologies and applications.  We also serve as a collaboration 'pollinator' through our network of local, national and global experts by establishing 'grand challenge' problems which need expert teams to solve.