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As you might have heard, effective March 2023, we officially changed our name from San Jorge Children’s Foundation to Fundación de Niños de Puerto Rico.

Rest assured we’re still the same 501c3 organization, just a name change.

The reason is very simple, we were just being associated with only one Pediatric Hospital, when in fact we provide our services in 4 and soon 5.

  1. Auxilio Mutuo Pediatric – All medical services– Hato Rey
    • Including pediatric Liver and kidney transplant patients
  1. Hospital Pediátrico University Hospital – Pediatric Oncology - San Juan
    • Pediatric Palliative Care
    • School Program
    • Teachers visit cancer patients in their room or home while receiving treatment, so they can pass their grade.
  2. Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital – All medical services - Bayamón
    • New Oncology Ward March 2024
    • School Program for hospitalized cancer patients.
  3. San Jorge Children’s Hospital – All medical services– San Juan
    • School Program in Mental Health Unit

You can click on the Platinum Transparency Seal, and it will lead you to our records of Transparency which is at the highest level.

If you want to know more about your impact on the children feel free to call me and we can chat about it, it is simply wonderful to be able to help.

Remember you can get your donation certificate in a jiffy and not wait until December 31st😊

You can make your annual donation through PayPal Giving Fund where there are no fees by clicking the link below or scanning the QR Code

We also do qualify for the $10k since we have both requirements.

We hope you enjoyed hearing our news and how we keep growing and be assured that your donation will help us to continue our mission of providing a better way of life to our kids by covering any and all of their medical needs .