Crisis in the horse world in Puerto RIco

Published on September 12, 2023 by CTA Horse

It been a while since we have updated here.  Since our last update in August 2022 we have taken in 28 horses and shipped 27 to the US mainland with a cost of $88,965.  2023 has been a tough year, with the local racing industry deciding not to assign funds to CTA and public donations dropping, with the increase of operations it has been difficult.   In August we put out a press release stating our economic situation and that we only had enough funds to support the 25 horses in our care for another 30 days.  Meaning we are not able to take in any more horses until we have a consistent funding commitment from the industry.   We have been meeting with senators and representatives of the government to try and pass a bill that Senator Keren Riquelme assisted with to find a funding stream for retired thoroughbred racehorses and a general fund for equines on the island.  We are committed to keep CTA alive, in order to help the horses but we cannot do it with out funding.  We have many projects that we would like to start, including a program with the department of corrections, equine welfare management seminars quarterly, polo club, equine assisted therapy and a riding school.  CTA needs the financial support of our local businesses and friends, we hope you will consider donating.